Chromium OS on Asus Eee pc 1005hab Netbook

How to install Chromium OS on Asus eee pc 1005hab Netbook. (You can skip the intro, instructions below!) First question is what's this got to do with ColdFusion? Answer - nothing, it's just something interesting. Second question is why? I got a couple of these Asus Netbooks fairly cheaply a few years ago. The Windows XP OS was extremely slow, always updating and just a general pain, every time it's booted and shutdown. They wound up on a shelf in the closet where no one could see them and get mad. On a lark, I installed Ubuntu on one and it seemed to work very well. I could travel with it and actually use the darn thing. I even installed Railo and MySQL to run a local web server. I used this for demos at CFUG meetings, well CFML meetings. Other CFUG developers had done the same thing running MariaDB and even ColdFusion, BlueDragon and Railo all on the same little Asus Netbook. I, however, was not as ambitious. When I finally gave up on the Asus was after opening Railo generated Excel spread sheets in Open Office. The Asus would lock up on even some fairly small spreadsheets. I had to put it back in the closet and let it rest.

Then a friend told me about Chromebooks, I didn't think much about them because I didn't think they would be versatile enough to use for Office or school type stuff, documents, spreadsheets, etc. But Chrome OS uses Google Docs, Google Drive, and all that cloud computing stuff. The low CPU Chromebook would not have to work overtime. So out comes the Asus for an installation of the open source Chromium OS! Here follow the instructions.

How to install Chromium OS on Asus eee pc 1005hab Netbook

  1. Download the latest build from
  2. Save the file, then uzip it.
  3. Download (for Windows) and install WinDiskImager for USB
  4. Create the image from your downloaded img file to the USB drive.
  5. If you copy the the file without creating the image, then you will get a "no operating system error".
  6. On the Asus Netbook, make sure your USB drive is inserted, turn on the Netbook and hit F2 while booting.
  7. The BIOS screen should come up. Arrow over to the Boot menu and arrow down to "Hard Disk Drives". For the 1st Drive hit Enter and select your USB drive, the 2nd drive should be the HDD of the Asus. Click Escape to get back to the Main Boot menu.
  8. Click on Boot Device Priority and make sure that the USB drive is the 1st Boot Device.
  9. Click F10 and yes to save your BIOS settings.
  10. Hopefully, you Asus Netbook will boot from the USB and you will see a Chromium screen, asking your preferences for Language, Keyboard and Network.
  11. Now to install Chromium onto your harddrive....
  12. CTRL – ALT – F2 will bring you to the Developer Console.
  13. You'll see some messages and instructions, but here's the easy way.
  14. Login with username of "chronos" and password of "facepunch".
  15. Type "chronos" and hit Enter.
  16. Type "install" and hit Enter.
  17. Let her rip. Wait and follow instructions, which should eventually tell you to remove the USB drive and reboot.
  18. When I plucked the USB drive out, I immediately got I/O write errors. I went ahead and rebooted and got the Chromium screen!
  19. Success!

You can toggle back and forth between the Developer Console by using CTRL – ALT – F2 to get in and CTRL – ALT – F1 to get out of the console.

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For some reason when I try and do chronos after login and install these are the lines I get. After entering chronos I get -bash: chronos: command not found and after install I get 2 lines. First line install: missing file operand and the second line try 'install --help' for more information
# Posted By Elijah | 12/25/13 5:16 PM
I stumbled into the key strokes that switch my Asus 1025 into the developer console login, but now I cannot repeat this. Your Ctrl-Alt-F2 gives me a blank screen. Any comments welcome. I'm beating my head out on this.
# Posted By tdale | 12/26/13 7:32 PM
After login to console type, 'sudo su' and give password again. After that you can install Chromium OS with command 'chromeos-install'.

There is no command 'chronos', so steps 15-16 does not work (any more at least).
# Posted By KariHe | 3/6/14 1:18 AM
doesn't work - 'chronos' doesn't exist - can't install the OS to the HD.
# Posted By sean | 5/19/14 2:24 AM
Never touched anything outside of Windows before, so this was interesting. Here's the problem that I ran into :

The Chrome OS installer had no idea what my hard drive was. Drive identification is much different than Windows - it appears that the drive isn't the basic block anymore, as you can navigate through an apparent file system that exists at a higher level (read : not as deep in the directory structure, closer to the root directory).

The key was to list the partitions that the OS know about. I used the lsblk command to do this. That spits out a tree structure that I was able to use to see what my drive was named. In my case, it was /dev/sda. The USB key that I was running on was /dev/sdb.

In the end, the full command needed to install Chrome to the hard drive was :

/usr/sbin/chromeos-install --dst /dev/sda
# Posted By Ken | 11/1/14 1:29 PM
wifi and touchpad not working during setup process. install cannot continue without network connection
# Posted By mbd | 11/21/14 5:46 PM
I noticed that the wifi wasn't working in the setup process and this was because I turned the adapter off in Windows before booting from the USB. I booted back into Windows and turned the adapter on, then booted back to Chromium from the USB and the wifi worked fine. Possibly the same goes for the touchpad in your case?

I am having trouble installing the OS to the HDD. I get a kernel write error... It appears to have wiped the HDD clean and partitioned it, but did not complete the install and I can't boot from it. Furthermore, it can't read/write from the partitions so I basically am stuck. I know chrome is meant for SSDs so I may have to purchase one. I will post again if I work out a solution... I'm also on a 1005HAB, so maybe others would be interested.
# Posted By Zach | 2/24/15 9:00 AM
I too have the 1005hab-i have tried 2 different system installs-both work from flash drive as external os, but will not load to harddrive due to an error message-"no root file selected".....nothing has worked, might just keep the stick in the usb forever then..not worth the time to figure this problem out.
# Posted By steve | 6/13/15 2:44 PM
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