Mura Forms with CSS

Using forms in Mura with specialized style sheets.

We're developing a Mura site having been given the HTML and CSS defining exactly how the client wants the site to look. These styles are rather inflexible and we don't really have the time to readjust and redesign these styles to work easily in Mura.

One issue arose where we had a style in a form.

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1<form action="#" id="contact" action="" method="post">

After adding the form through the Forms Manager, adding the form component under Content Objects and then calling the actual form page, a View Source shows us that Mura adds an additional ID to the form. This is to identify the form within Mura's for it's own magical purposes.

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1<FORM id="frmA601EEAA110AFABC8939FB8C5805666" action="" method="post" id="contact" >

That just screws up the styles and the form looks all wonky.

I got around this by taking the id="contact" out of the <form> tag And wrapping a new div around the whole form with the id="contact"

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1<div id="contact">
2 <FORM id=" frmA601EEAA110AFABC8939FB8C5805666" action="" method="post">
3 Form goes here.
4 </form>

This resolved the formatting issue.

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