SVN Post-Commit Hook Failed (exit code 1) with output

post-commit hook failed (exit code 1) with output:
Conflict discovered in
Select: (p) postpone, (df) diff-full, (e) edit,
(mc) mine-conflict, (tc) theirs-conflict,
(s) show all options: svn:E00714: Can't read stdin: End of file found

Using SVN through CFEclipse and SubVersion the above error occurred when trying to commit a new template. A newer user pushed up the 'screwed-up-file.cfc', though I am unsure what caused this.

What did NOT work

  1. Deleting the local project from the workspace and rechecking out the project.
  2. Google - could not find any help.

What DID work

Deleting the offending file from the local project. Committing the deletion to the SVN repository and then creating the offending file again. In my case I made a copy in Notepad (or someother IDE outside of CFEclipse) before deleting and just recopied the file back. Then I committed the new (same) file back up.

Hopefully this will help you, if you are Googling all over the place for some advice!

CFBuilder & CFEclipse Column Edit Mode

Editing complete columns within CFEclips or CFBuilder is easy using the Column Edit Mode or Block Edit Mode. The key combo is Alt-Shift-A. Then you mouse click on one corner and drag to the other over the column of text you wish to edit. This is great for changing variable scopes or function calls for long or even short neatly coded columns.


SVN Source Control, Mura and Subclipse

Using: Windows, CFEclipse, Subclipse, Mura

Problem with SVN overwriting Mura changes, especially in Assets folder.

Create a new SVN repository in the actual Repository. I had to RDP (Remote Desktop into the SVN server and create using VisualSVN Server. Checked the make subdirectories box for trunk, branches etc.

Next I went into CFEclipse and the SVN Repository Exploring perspective and added the newly created repository to the SVN Repositories View. Right click in the SVN Repositories View window. Mouseover New > Repository Location and click finish.

We don't have a sub folder under trunk for our files. Right click Trunk in you new repository and mouseover to New > Remote Folder to create your sub folder.

Back to CFEclipse and right click in the Project Explorer window, choosing New > Project. In the Select a Wizard box, highlight SVN > Checkout Projects from SVN and click Next.
Using your existing repository locations, highlight your new repository and click Next.
Open up the folders down to the new folder under Trunk and highlight it and click Next.
Now check out the repository as you would normally. I created a new project name, workspace and workspace location.

Unbelievably I didn't have Subversion installed. That would have been handy. I had to RDP into a networked computer and SVN Export all my Mura site files into the new workspace.

While I was in my workspace folder (Windows Explorer) I deleted the contents of the "assets" folder under my Mura site. Not under the default site but under my site.

Back to CFEclipse, where I could have deleted the contents of the "assets" folder.

I wanted to see if the site would run before I committed the files, so I had to go into IIS and change the home directory of my site to view it in a browser. And it does work without the viewable items in the assets folder.

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