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A table with a Totals column is a perfect use case for computed columns in MSSQL. Making the Totals column a computed column allows MSSQL to do all the preassigned math for me, eliminating the need to write SQL or ColdFusion code to sum up the monthly totals. Every time I update the table I would have to run other code or SQL to again obtain the correct total.

Here's my table, MonthlyPay.

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2 ,[Year]
3 ,[January]
4 ,[February]
5 ,[March]
6 ,[April]
7 ,[May]
8 ,[June]
9 ,[July]
10 ,[August]
11 ,[September]
12 ,[October]
13 ,[November]
14 ,[December]
15 ,[Totals]
16 FROM [MonthlyPay]

By turning Totals into a computed column, my life is easier. Here's how:

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1ALTER TABLE [MonthlyPay] DROP COLUMN [Totals];
3ALTER TABLE [MonthlyPay] ADD [Totals] AS (
4[January] + [February] + [March] + [April] + [May] + [June] + [July] + [August] + [September] + [October] + [November] + [December]) PERSISTED;

I could add even more calculations including the math to get tax percentages and including those in the total. So much easier!

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